Brands join us soon 😍

Exciting news awaits fragrance enthusiasts and lovers of luxurious scents as two distinguished perfume brands, Salas Art and Cupid, are set to join forces with our esteemed distribution company, Odecla. This collaboration brings a captivating range of fragrances that embody elegance, sophistication, and the power of love.

Salas Art, a French artisanal perfume house, takes pride in crafting signature scents that are designed for connoisseurs. Each custom-made bottle encapsulates a harmonious blend of meticulously sourced rare ingredients, resulting in exquisite fragrances that evoke deep emotions. With Salas Art, every spritz becomes a sensory journey through the realm of elegance and refinement.

On the other hand, Cupid, another French artisanal perfume house, draws inspiration from the greatest love stories ever told. Guided by the expertise of master perfumer Christian Provenzano, Cupid perfumes are a testament to the sacred bond between two individuals. By skillfully blending the highest concentration oils and raw ingredients sourced from around the globe, Cupid creates romantic fragrances that invite wearers to embark on their own love story.

Both Salas Art and Cupid complement our distribution company’s commitment to offering exceptional and curated collections to our discerning clientele. The addition of these prestigious perfume brands to our portfolio further solidifies our reputation as a trusted destination for luxury fragrances.

With Salas Art and Cupid joining Odecla, fragrance enthusiasts can look forward to an enchanting olfactory experience. From the intricate notes that weave together in Salas Art’s creations to the evocative scents that embody the essence of love in Cupid’s perfumes, each brand offers a unique and captivating journey.

We are thrilled to welcome Salas Art and Cupid to the Odecla family, and we are confident that their exceptional fragrances will resonate with our valued customers. Prepare to be captivated by the artistry and passion that these brands bring, as they invite you to discover new realms of beauty and emotion through the power of scent.