Our Story

ODECLA derives from two French words “Eau d’Eclat” meaning “water brightness” in English, the nomination has been inspired from the slow-moving river “The Seine” which flows through the heart of the “city of light” Paris keeping all sensations open to find inspiration in all that we can see, smell and feel by just contemplating the water brightness of Seine river and all its surrounding environments starting from the nicest places to hang out such as bridges, boulevards, astonishing gardens, passing by the sands and palm trees in summer, arriving to the floating restaurants and coffees, ending by the night cruises. From that point, ODECLA story has begun its journey to create a distinguished scents where each fragrance seeks to tell a story. ODECLA Perfumes are developed and formulated by the most elite manufacturers of “Grasse town” which is considered the “world’s capital of perfume” located at the South of France by using the finest and rarest.